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Skylight Gives Back To Communities Across Ohio During National Volunteer Month

Skylight associates and staff participated in National Volunteer Month this April with the foundation by giving back to the communities surrounding each of the four core offices. The firm is fortunate to be made up of generous individuals who have a strong desire to provide resources to those in need, which was evident throughout this initiative.

To learn more about the incredible organizations Skylight worked with and how they provided support in April, continue reading down below!



Our Toledo office proudly worked with both the Zepf Center and Midwest Recovery Center. These organizations help people get back up on their feet from mental health and substance abuse setbacks. The Zepf Center's mission is to create hope, wellness, recovery, and career development through integrated services and community partnerships. Similarly, the Midwest Recovery Center provides treatment for substance abuse with a dual diagnosis system.

Toledo staff and associates wanted to do all they could to support these amazing causes by hosting a clothing drive. They worked together to clean out their closets, collect gently used clothing items, and dropped them off at the organizations. The clothing items will be distributed to the people who come to Zepf and Midwest Recovery for help.

“It is always gratifying to know we are helping people who are helping themselves, so this event is a win-win for all of us,” said Operations Coordinator Mary Gensler.


Our Columbus office worked with Heartland of Dublin, a local nursing home, to bring hope and a smile to the faces of residents by writing encouraging letters Many residents faced an extreme emotional toll due to strict safety regulations put in place during the pandemic, which often prevented them from being with their loved ones.

Columbus staff and associates worked closely with the Director of Activities at Heartland of Dublin, Emily Fox, to set up a box with cards in the office for associates and staff to write the letters. “We ended up with almost 80 cards that will directly impact the residents at Heartland of Dublin,” Operations Assistant Brandy Good shared.


Down in Cincinnati, our office teamed up with FireStarter Ministries in helping stock their food bank. FireStarter is combating the rising food insecurity crisis in Cincinnati by providing nutrient-filled boxes of food to families in need. Staff and associates were able to give the food bank a ton of nonperishable goods and everyday supplies in hopes of making a difference in a few families' lives.

“I am so thankful to work for a company like Skylight Financial Group that cares about giving back to the community. It was such a joy to see the huge impact this made on many families in the Cincinnati area,” shared Recruiting Coordinator Brittni Meadows.


As for Cleveland’s efforts, they decided to work with Laura’s Home and Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center by organizing a clothing drive. These two centers, which are affiliates of The City Mission, have been helping the Cleveland Community since 1910. They understand that the people they serve are not homeless; they are in crisis. Therefore, they provide not only temporary shelter but also wraparound services designed to empower families and individuals to live healthy lives.

“Our office was excited for the opportunity to both donate to an amazing organization and have an excuse to clean out our closets. By the end of the drive, we were able to fill up an entire SUV of clothes which were hand-delivered to The City Mission by a couple of our staff members. We are very much looking forward to working with The City Mission on more clothing drives in the future,” Director of Operations Liz McKeegan explained.


Cheers to a successful National Volunteer Month for Skylight, the foundation, and the communities we call home. It would not be possible without the help of the charitable organizations, staff, and associates involved.

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