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Skylight Foundation Helps Refugees Reach New Heights

The Skylight Foundation is delighted to support the work of The Refugee Response by awarding a grant of $2,100. The Refugee Response, formed back in 2009, helps newly arrived refugee families adjust to life in Northeast Ohio and empowers them to become self-sufficient and contributing members of their new communities.

On receiving the grant, Darren Hamm, Executive Director of The Refugee Response said “The Skylight Foundation’s support to The Refugee Response represents a direct investment in community members whom have proven their dedication to re-writing their legacies from hardship to hope. This $2,100 grant award enables our organization to assist three of our most deserving community members on their path to receiving U.S. citizenship, specifically allowing The Refugee Response to pay their naturalization application fee, something that without such support may be financially burdensome. This investment proves Skylight Foundation's mission of enriching our community and their interest in being part of our region’s lasting legacy in supporting newcomers as they overcome obstacles and reach new heights.”

Steve Thompson, President of the Skylight Foundation, added “We are thrilled to support The Refugee Response which is growing at a phenomenal rate and really expanding its reach.  They do amazing work to help refugees who come here with very little background on our way of life and how to live in our culture and need help to integrate into the Cleveland community.”

Each year 1,300 to 1,900 refugees settle in Ohio. After resettlement, they start new lives with limited resources transitioning from their past and the lives they once knew.  To find out more about The Refugee Response please visit their website.  

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