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Skylight Foundation Board Spotlight: Jonathan Goldston

Next up on our amazing list of Skylight Foundation board members is Jonathan Goldston. As a foundation board member and Skylight partner and financial planner, Jonathan Goldston has made his mark in more ways than one.

Jonathan began working for Skylight Financial Group in 2002 and has been a planner with the organization longer than any other individual. He currently resides in Aurora, OH, with his wife and three children.

Prior to joining the Skylight Foundation, he chaired events with both the Diabetes Association for Greater Cleveland from 2002 to 2005 and Hattie Larlham from 2006 to 2019. “Even before my relationship with Skylight, I’ve always been involved with some type of charitable project every year,” Jonathan shared. With Hattie Larlham, he helped host a golf outing that, by his final year in 2018, raised nearly $80,000 in one day. This was about four times more money than what the organization had initially raised on this day.

After working with Hattie, in 2016 Jonathan began to help grow the toy drive efforts through the Skylight Foundation. With the support of the Cleveland Police Foundation, Jonathan has been able to grow the toy drive into something that truly makes a difference in the Cleveland community during the holidays. “We have grown the toy drive too many times over to count in size since its infancy,” Jonathan said. In part through Jonathan’s efforts, the Cleveland toy drive has provided a proper holiday season for countless children with life-threatening illnesses and those who are less fortunate.

This hard work and dedication to the cause did not go unnoticed. In 2019, Jonathan was asked to be a part of the Skylight Foundation board. The board was interested in hearing Jonathan’s ideas and learning from his success in growing fundraisers. Jonathan was honored to become a part of such a powerful and prominent group of individuals. “To be included in this group and have my opinion valued feels great,” Jonathan said.

When Jonathan is not dedicating time to the Cleveland toy drive, he supports around four to five fundraisers annually through client relationships. Jonathan is truly a well-rounded individual who has a drive to help better his community. We are so lucky to have him a part of our team and board!

Thanks for sharing, Jonathan! Stay tuned for information on this year’s toy drive as it is rounding that time of year again!

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